Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The picture worth 10,000 words

No one out there had any guesses as to what this is, so I guess I'll have to just tell you. The photo accompanies this Newsweek article written by Tina Brown, a member of the press corps covering Hillary Clinton's campaign. Brown writes:
Perhaps this explains the Clinton advance team's puzzling decision, discovered when we arrived in Austin, Texas, on Monday afternoon, to have the press file from a men's locker room. Laptops were set up cheek by jowl with a wall of urinals, prompting raucous cries of: "Now we really know this campaign is in the toilet!"
Yes, that is a men's locker room in Austin, Texas, and those are members of the national media "stashed" alongside urinals and sinks.

And Clinton wonders why she's getting a hard time from the press.

Actually, the interesting thing is that the Newsweek article is surprisingly saccharine about Clinton, who has complained about the fawning of the press over Barack Obama. Politeness = negative coverage ... giving the press space in a men's room = positive coverage. Hmm ... maybe they were just waiting for Clinton to get tough with them.

The takeaway: To improve relations with them and their coverage of the president, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino should seat Helen Thomas and David Gregory in the men's room.