Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Clinton: 'I'm human'

Here's Hillary Clinton's mea culpa on the Bosnia flap:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton says she made a mistake in claiming that she came under hostile fire when landing in Bosnia as first lady 12 years ago.

In several recent interviews, the New York senator had described a harrowing scene in Bosnia in which she and her daughter, Chelsea, had to run for cover as soon as they landed for a visit in 1996. But video footage of the day showed a peaceful reception in which Clinton greeted a young child on the tarmac.

Clinton told reporters in Pennsylvania on Tuesday: "So I made a mistake. That happens. It shows I'm human, which for some people is a revelation."
If I was an Obama surrogate, I wouldn't be able to get to a TV camera fast enough to say, "Yes, it's true; Hillary Clinton is human and she makes mistakes. Let's just hope it's not at 3 a.m."

Sometimes I just can't help the former campaign manager in me.