Monday, March 24, 2008

Fundraising call!

Hey, I just got a fundraising call from the John McCain campaign! The woman sounded like she had been mainlining Red Bull all afternoon; either that, or she's a close relative of that Micro Machines guy. Here's what she said -- at least, the part of it I heard and can recall:

Mrs. Foster!! I'm SO glad to reach you today!! I'm sure you weren't surprised to see the Liberal Democrats attacking Senator McCain! ... We can't afford a Clinton or Obama presidency!! ... We have to raise $10 million in the next 30 days to remain competitive!!!


Can Senator McCain count on you for a contribution of $150 on your credit or debit card today?!?!?!
Now, does anyone else find irony in a Republican candidate for president, especially one running for president in an economic climate like this one and on a platform of restoring economic accountability to Washington, asking me to contribute "even a more manageable" $100 or $75 on my credit or debit card?

I had a lot to say about that suggestion, but I decided not to take it out on the poor lady who was calling me from Twin Cities, Minn. After all, once the Red Bull runs out, she might not even remember calling me.