Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Latest poll numbers ...

You know what the pundits are saying about Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania: She must win there to keep the Democratic race "competitive."

What once was a 15-point lead at the beginning of March is now a five-point lead -- and it's shrinking, according to a new Rasmussen poll completed Monday.

The shift coincides with Barack Obama's campaign emphasis in the state, which includes a bus tour and triple the television advertising that Clinton is running. As a result of his efforts, Obama has picked up five points (we're going to stay away from calling it a "surge").

In other polling news, behold, the latest RealClearPolitics numbers:

Democrats (Obama-Clinton):
Total delegates: Obama + 136 (1635 - 1499)

Pledged Delegates: Obama + 169 (1417 - 1248)

Popular Vote: Obama +2.6 (49.5 - 46.9)

Popular Vote (w/FL): Obama +1.4 (48.5 - 47.1)

Nat'l RCP Average: Obama +2.6 (45.4 - 42.8)

Pennsylvania: Clinton +14.2 (37.8 - 52.0)

North Carolina: Obama +12.0 (49.8 - 37.8)

General Election:
McCain-Obama: McCain +0.2
McCain-Clinton: McCain +0.6

McCain-Obama: McCain +2.2
McCain-Clinton: McCain +0.4

McCain-Obama: McCain +7.0
Clinton-McCain: Clinton +0.3

McCain-Obama: McCain +6.8
McCain-Clinton: McCain +2.8

Pollsters love to talk about patterns. Do you see any here?

I'll make it easy for you: Lots of Obama all over the Democratic numbers, and lots of McCain all over the general election numbers ...

No wonder Howard Dean is all in a lather.