Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A national disgrace

There's big trouble in the schools of this country's biggest cities:

Seventeen of the nation's 50 largest cities had high school graduation rates lower than 50 percent, according to a report released Tuesday ... The report also found that about half of the students served by public school systems in the nation's largest cities receive diplomas.
Did you get that?

One out of every two students in the public schools in this country's largest cities doesn't earn a diploma.

One out of two -- and that's on average.

Three out of every four teens in Detroit drop out, some of the 1.2 million a year who do so.

Those are staggering numbers.

Public schools in Urban America have been on a downhill spiral for many years. Maybe this report is the sobering reality check this country needs to stop playing politics with education.

Everything about the way our country does school should be up for debate -- everything. More on this in my column on Saturday.