Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The American Flag

Obama is asked by a regular Pennsylvanian about whether he "believes in the American flag." This is an important moment, because nearly everyone who has heard his name has heard the rumors that he doesn't support the flag, he doesn't wear the politician uniform -- i.e., the flag lapel pin. He recounts his familiar phrase that his story would only be possible in America. He says he will fight for issues that are good for Americans, and that's how he shows his patriotism. I'm not sure how well this explanation works, because I think most people think that it's not a big deal to wear a pin. But he's right about it being "a manufactured issue."

Who is William Ayers? And why is Stephanopoulos asking about his relationship with Obama? Obama says it's another example of a manufactured issue. He's having to back away from someone no one has ever heard of. Good line about him being eight years old when this happened. Obama is good at this; he says he's also good friends with Coburn, one of the most conservative members of the Senate. Stephanopoulos, that question is stuipd. Stop trying to be Chris Mathews.

Hillary is broad, as usual, but she's obviously prepared to talk about Ayers and his relationship with Obama. Was this prepped by her campaign and Stephanopoulos, the former press secretary for Bill Clinton? Hillary isn't even credible when she says things like, "I know Sen. Obama is a good man," but then brings up how "everyone else" will be asking about it. Republicans shouldn't even run anyone for president? Goodbye, potential crossover votes! And people wonder why she's polarizing!

ZING! Obama says that Bill Clinton pardoned two other members of the "Weather Underground." He says that he's taken "some pretty good" punches from Hillary. He is so good in debate. She's just hoping to keep it close.