Wednesday, April 16, 2008

McCain and taxes

Here we go with the general election issue, taxes!! Too bad he flubbed that sound bite. That's embarrassing.

"Read my lips?" Stephey, get your own sound bites!! This is ridiculous. Hillary goes first, and she says that she will roll back the Bush tax cuts, no matter the economy next year, because she is convinced that it will not "detrimentally affect" people's wallets. That's an unfortunate adverb. No middle class tax increases of any kind, she said it! Now, define middle class.

Obama makes the commitment and raises Clinton one: He will move a tax cut for the middle class and for seniors earning less than $50,000. Populism + middle class tax cut = a tough road for the Republican campaign.

Whoo hoo! Obama gets a gold star for the phrase, "lobbyists and special interests writing these laws." That's how it's done, folks.