Monday, April 21, 2008

Larry King halftime

I've been watching the rerun of Hillary Clinton's appearance tonight on Larry King Live. She was the guest for the show's first half, and it's just wrapped up.

I have to say, she was solid. She was measured and convincing, not strident the way she is on the stump. King actually posed some decent questions, and he pressed her when she didn't answer directly, but overall, her performance was a good one.

I'm not sure why she turns into some other candidate on the stump; maybe she feels that yelling will bridge the presentation gap she has with Barack Obama (note to Hillary: It doesn't). But I bet her campaign staff has been scratching its collective head trying to figure out how to get that Hillary out on the stump.

Hey, Tony Show is a CNN contributor now. That's interesting! He is looking healthier (you'll remember that has been fighting cancer over the past few years). Tony looks like he's had a hair transplant, but other than that, he's looking like himself again. That's good to see.