Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Why does CNN have a Brit -- and a Brit who sounds like he needs to switch to decaf -- covering the election in California? This sweet elderly lady looks a bit freaked out by Mr. A Bit Too Excited. Now he's telling her she "flehrrrr-ted, flehrrrrr-ted SHAMELESSLY" with another candidate.

Ugh. Richard Quest is this guy's name. Now he's talking to her about tablecloths that she's returning to her church. OH! He just ripped them out of her plastic shopping bag. She looks like she'd like to whack him with a cane.

Note to CNN: Even though the writers' strike has left your entertainment reporters with nothing else to do, it's a bad idea to try to cross them over into hard news coverage. This guy is a good example of someone who is a bit too Hollywood half-baked to be of any use anywhere else.