Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Romney speaks

Romney speaks to cheering supporters and vows to stay in the race, regardless of tonight's outcome. It's impossible to know how many delegates we'll get, he told the group. FNC's Brit Hume called it a "pretty peppy speech." :)

As a former campaign manager, I think it's a tactical error to send Romney to the podium before California closes. Right now, he only has wins in Utah and Massachusetts, both expected, to his credit; later, he may be able to claim victories in Montana and Colorado. He has also closed the gap quickly in California; a win there would actually lend credibility to much of what he's saying about remaining a viable candidate. Why send him out now, when he doesn't have much to celebrate, when he might have a lot to -- rightly -- celebrate later?

Unless it's because they want to make the 11 o'clock news segments on the East Coast, which is most likely the explanation for the early appearance.