Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I hate Charter

One final word before I turn in (and by word, I meant topic):

There's been a lot of ruckus in my area lately about the service -- or lack thereof -- of Charter Communications. Everyone, it seems, is complaining about the lack of competition for cable. To make a long story short, the lack of competition is not the result of a franchise agreement executed by any cities, but more a function of restrictive regulations at the federal level. The cities are working on it, but it seems there is little they can do.

All that to say that since midnight, my cable has gone out -- twice.

If this had happened on Sunday night during the Super Bowl, when some 97 million were watching the Giants upset the Patriots, I don't think we'd be worrying much about Charter anymore.

But hey!

Super Tuesday is MY Super Bowl!!

Charter ... grrr. Tomorrow's to-do list starts with "Find contact information for the FCC."

P.S. By one more topic, I meant two more ... an update on the Democratic race in New Mexico: With 54 percent of the vote counted, Hillary Clinton has eked out a two-point lead on Barack Obama.