Saturday, February 9, 2008


OK, I'm back after an afternoon of errands and getting my daughters ready to go out with their dad to Daddy-Daughter Date Night. It's a neat thing our community does to acknowledge and celebrate the special bond between daddies and their little girls. My eldest girl ended up staying home with a fever, but my middle girl was dressed to the nines and walked out the door holding her daddy's hand. I got some nice pictures and will try to put them up in a little while.

So you know by now that Mike Huckabee won Kansas .... and by "won," I mean "ran away with." Huckabee won what CNN is calling "the reddest of red states" by more than two to one over John McCain. The pundits are now trying to figure out what this means: Could it be that conservatives who had been with Romney are not quite ready to accept McCain as the presumptive GOP nominee?

Huckabee gave a tremendous speech this afternoon that I'm going to try to find and post here.

(Wait: Wolf Blitzer just asked Huckabee whether he is "embarrassing" the party. Geez. Huckabee is making mincemeat of that answer.)

Anyway, the pundits have noted that Huckabee has begun to draw distinctions between himself and McCain -- done cordially, but done just the same. Only one thing is clear: It's going to be an interesting couple of weeks.