Monday, March 3, 2008

Another hit

Hillary scores again with a response to Stewart's question about whether she would be asking Obama to get out if she had won 10 or 11 victories in a row: "That's a lot of questions, John." Ha ha!

Hillary is sending a message here: She's emphasizing "what big states have to say." The implication is that the other states -- the other 45, presumably -- don't matter as much when it comes to deciding the nominee. (Hillary uses the word "ahistorical." Is that a word?) There's the groundwork for her staying in the race after tomorrow: "We didn't give up on the big states," she says, adding, "The next state is Pennsylvania," on April 22.

Hillary ends on a feel-good line about having "a lot of repairwork to do" when George W. Bush leaves the White House. That's a safe line in front of this Comedy Central crowd.

All in all, she gets a B-. Nothing extraordinary, but nothing to hurt herself, as far as I can tell.

Whew. Can I change the channel now?