Monday, March 3, 2008

What's up with that hat?

Let's take a break from the serious stuff for a minute to ask one burning question about this election:

I believe that Media Bistro's own Gail Shister says it best: Bill Schneider, WHAT'S UP WITH THAT HAT???

Bill Schneider is one of CNN's political analysts. I saw him do a piece last night from Rhode Island, and he was wearing The Hat. Honestly, I looked up at the television, saw Schneider, and I don't remember hearing anything else he said about the campaign because I was thinking, "What's up with that hat?"


According to Shister's story, Schneider won't comment on the makeup of the fuzzy hat (is it real fur or faux? No comment, Schneider says), but he insists he has to have the hat because of a dearth of "natural fur" on his head.

I'm a newspaper person at heart, so TV people aggravate me on a relatively frequent basis. But sometimes, I just have to laugh at them.

This is one of those times.