Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Exit polls: A long night?

Exit polls indicate that it could be a long night for us political junkies!

According to ABC's exit polls in Ohio and Texas, "change" trumps "experience" by 15 to 20 points in each states, but that African-Americans and Latinos have turned out in huge numbers in Texas. Black turnout is good for Obama, while Latinos have bolstered Clinton's support.

Also, the new optical-scan machines in Ohio seem to have provided reliable service with few problems, according to this story from the Port Clinton News-Herald.

SIDEBAR: I voted on optical- scan machines in Florida and never had a problem; also, our county was always one of the first ones finished with tallies, no matter the race or the turnout -- thanks, Bob Sweat! You're one of the best supervisors of elections in Florida!