Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hillary's speech

Can I just ask you ... where has this Hillary been all primary season?

She gave a great speech in victory that was everything it should have been. It was full of direct responses to the questions her opponent has raised, not only about her ability to affect change but even her ability to envision change. She has finally figured out a response to "Yes, we can," and it's "Yes, we WILL."

The only thing that gave me pause in the speech was the line about how she looks forward to debating McCain in the fall. That could be played as presumptuous by Obama's people as they fight to paint tonight's result with a brush that favors them. With statements like those, Clinton plays into the idea that she feels she is "entitled" to this nomination and that Obama is just in her way.

All in all, it was a great speech; I just hope it didn't go too far.

As for the timing of the speech, it came on the heels of the call of Ohio for her but before the results in Texas become apparent. John King tells us that there are still many votes outstanding in the major metropolitan areas of the Lone Star State, so Hillary probably wanted to get out in front and make sure that she gave this speech on a high note.

Obama's on the way out to give his speech.