Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday roundup - Caucus counting continues

Hey guys,

Here's the first of a few posts rounding up political news and views tonight:

First of all, Super Tuesday II isn't over yet. Elections officials in Texas are still counting votes from last night's caucus action. According to CNN:

The Texas Democratic Party estimates 1.1 million Texans attended the precinct conventions, doubling the 508,000 who voted in 2006 ... In what pundits have dubbed the "Texas two-step," the state's Democratic Party hosts both a primary election, in which 126 delegates are awarded, and a post-election caucus in which another 67 are awarded. It's possible for the loser of the primary to win more delegates with a strong showing in the caucuses. And Texas' method of awarding delegates in the primary -- with more delegates coming from large population centers like Houston, Dallas and Austin -- further complicates the matter.

Also, Clinton's campaign is laying the groundwork for legal action challenging the caucus results, the AP reported, citing "hundreds of complaints" of mischief caused by the Obama campaign at caucus.