Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Polls are closing ...

... and CNN analysts are wasting no time in making their first projections.

Vermont leads things off, going for Barack Obama and John McCain. That's 23 Democratic delegates for dispersal and 17 GOP delegates.

You guys want to make any predictions about what will happen in the big states tonight and what will happen as a result? I know you're out there ... how about a little prognostication?

25 minutes to poll closings in Ohio, where the weather has been terrible. Lou Dobbs and Wolf Blitzer spent about five minutes discussing the hardiness of Ohioans (?) and whether the weather (ha ha) would keep them away from the polls. Blitzer, a Buffalo, N.Y., native, concluded that Ohioans were hardy enough, and Dobbs concurred, although he chastised Blitzer for "overanalyzing" things.