Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Question 11

Russert to Clinton: What can you tell me about Putin's successor, to be installed on Sunday?

Hillary: He is hand-picked and spends "most of his time praising Putin" and calls his selection "a clever but transparent way of Putin maintaining power." She criticizes Bush's "incoherent policy" toward Russia, noting that the

Russert gets to the point (obviously he didn't care about the answer other than this): Do you know his name?

"Med... Medvedera, whatever," she says with a smile.

The classic "gotcha."

Obama basically agrees with Clinton and is asked by Russert what he would do if Russia tried to take Serbia back over. Obama responds with an olive branch to the Clinton Administration, saying they did a good job working with the international community on issues of this nature. This is good for mainstream Democrats, who will like hearing Obama pay homage to Bill Clinton.

Round 11 is a draw.