Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Question 8

Russert asks Obama about public financing: "You seem to be waffling ... why won't you keep your word that you made in writing" to use public financing?

Obama says he is not yet the nominee, and that if he is, he will sit down with McCain and work something out that is acceptable to both parties. He is backing out to a broader perspective, which is good, because -- again -- most people don't understand the concept of public financing. They do understand, "I don't take PAC money."

Russert is a jerk.

To Clinton: You refuse to release the joint tax return with President Clinton ... Ohio Gov. Strickland, your supporter, made accountability and transparency an issue against his opponent. Why shouldn't you?

Clinton has a good line about how the American people are supporting her campaign in response to Russert's question about who is funding her campaign. Clinton completely blew the part of the question about why she won't release the return. "I'm a little busy right now," she said. Smarmy and arrogant -- and also transparent.

Round 8 a draw.