Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Question 7

Hee hee, here's a question on Hillary's sarcasm. This is awesome. Obama says she "Sounds good." That was so PERFECT. Ha ha!!!

Obama said she showed good humor and he would give her points for delivery; Hillary cackles. Wow, what a difference there: on one hand, a self-assured candidate; on the other, a desperate one.

Obama has been well prepped for this question; he's ticking off the points where the "rubber meets the road" in terms of his record, which he says is more than just speeches.

Hillary defends herself, which isn't necessary; it was a funny moment, and everyone enjoyed it. She says she has put forth "very specific ideas about how we can get back $55 billion from the special interests" that were given, presumably, through earmarks. Now she's hitting Obama on the energy and credit card cap bills.

To Obama: Clinton casting herself as "co-president?" Obama says she counts that time in the White House as part of her experience, adding that he doesn't begrudge her that and that he hasn't said that it isn't part of her experience. "You have to take responsibility as well as credit," he says ... demonstrating why he's a master of the sound bite.

Obama is making a tactical error, in my opinion, by getting caught up in this discussion about the minutiae of policymaking. Average folks don't understand the committee process, the amendatory process, the idea of conference committees, the idea of negotiations in conference, the conference product, etc. He should make the large point and let it go.

Round 7 to Obama.