Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Question 5

Williams to Obama on national security: How was Hillary unfair in criticizing your readiness to be president with regard to foreign policy?

"Clinton equates experience with longevity in Washington ... I don't think that's the accurate measure," Obama says.

This is a great argument for him. It plays to the sentiment against the war while taking the wind out of the sails of the charge that he doesn't have enough foreign policy experience to be president.

Obama sticks by his judgment as proof that he is ready to be president.

Williams asks Hillary whether she believes Obama is qualified to be president, noting that she took a pass on this question on Thursday.

Clinton is put in the position of defending her vote for the war, "when it wasn't just a speech," she says. This is a good argument for her, but she's not making it eloquently. This section needed work. It's a missed opportunity because she is making a good point: Obama was on the sidelines and didn't have accountability for his position on Iraq in 2002.

She says that Obama "basically threatened to bomb Pakistan," and that's one of the reasons why she would be a better match for McCain in November.

Obama says his 2002 speech was more than action, saying she was "ready to give in to George Bush on Day One" on this issue. Wow, this is his hardest-hitting response yet. This is as aggressive as he has been. As for Pakistan, Obama hits back, giving recent history on Pakistan and defending the strategy.

Round 5 is a draw.