Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Question 2

NAFTA gets the call for the second question.

Wow, what a baby ... "I get the first question all the time ... I'm not complaining, I just find it curious." Good grief; what's next? Hillary is really hurting herself with this attitude.

She says she didn't have a public position on NAFTA during the Clinton Administration because she was part of the administration. I would challenge her on that -- didn't we just get done talking about the public position she had on health care when she was part of the administration?

Speaking of that first question, 16 minutes on health care ... how'd those "reasonable time limits" work out for you, Brian and Tim??

"We do need to fix NAFTA; it's not working," Clinton says.

(There is a "manufacturing caucus" in Congress? That's a new one on me.)

Obama hits Clinton again on NAFTA, saying that it isn't accurate to say that she always opposed it. He is measured but assured. He is just aggressive enough, pressing her enough without going overboard. He had good reasons and gave a thorough answer.

Round 2 to Obama.