Friday, February 22, 2008

Desperately seeking Obama, and other SNL news

Good morning, all!

While the political establishment is busy digesting analysis of last night's Democratic debate and the latest jabs being exchanged between presumptive GOP nominee John McCain and the New York Times, the rest of the world awaits important political news of a different kind.

Saturday Night Live godfather Lorne Michaels let the word go out through the streets earlier this week that the show was looking for someone to play Barack Obama throughout the rest of campaign season. It appears that Michaels is comfortable enough with Obama's success to this point that he figures he'll be around until November -- if not as the nominee, at least as a figure as influential as the nominee. So auditions were held Tuesday ... and the world waits!

I actually held this post from yesterday in hopes that the announcement would be made by this morning; Michaels had anticipated making it late yesterday. But, no dice so far this morning. We can console ourselves in the meantime with this offering from comedian Argus Hamilton:

Saturday Night Live auditioned comedians Tuesday to find the one who does the funniest Barack Obama impression for the show's sketches. Finding a comedian to impersonate Hillary was simple. Playing a corpse is everybody's first acting job in show business.

While Michaels is deciding on his "Faux-bama," maybe he'll pick up Hamilton -- at least on a temporary basis. Playing a corpse? Come on! You know you laughed when you read it!

In other SNL news, GOP still-a-candidate Mike Huckabee will make an appearance on the show Saturday, its first one since the writers' strike ended last week. Tina Fey will host, so Huckabee will be relegated to a sketch or two. He's always good for a one-liner. Anyone want to propose any sketch ideas for him?

Finally, the 16-week-long writers' strike is estimated to have cost $2.5 billion (yes, with a 'b'), according to the Economic Forecast Report.

There's nothing funny about that.