Sunday, February 17, 2008

One-Liner of the Week

CNN's Gloria Borger wins this week's One-Liner of the Week award.

During post-election analysis of the so-called Potomac Primaries Tuesday, anchor Anderson Cooper opined on the "bounce" that Barack Obama would get in Texas and Ohio polls after his sweep of contests in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

"Remember, polls are thunderbolts," Borger said, referring to the delay between the actual event -- a lightning strike -- and the audible confirmation of it -- the thunderclap. With this metaphorical gem, Borger demonstrated the lag between the event that would precipitate a bounce and the appearance of the bounce itself.

She then went on to explain how the polls would affect the 450 uncommitted superdelegates remaining in the Democratic presidential race.

As one of my favorite journalism professors used to say, Borger puts "the hay down where the cows can get it" -- and it's just the latest evidence of why Borger is one of the best in the business.