Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where is NOW when you need them?

Part-time pundit Lisa Caputo, who is also Hillary Clinton's former press secretary, just delivered the worst line I've heard during the entire primary season.

She said Clinton needed to come in to tonight's debate and "show some leg."

She went on to say that she meant that Clinton needed to show her human side. But "show some leg?"

Oh, the horrors of feminists who allow such language to seep into their everyday lives!!! (It must be due to the influence of all those men out there, right?)

[My husband just suggested that perhaps Caputo was responsible for suggesting Cleavage-gate (]

When do you think the leadership of the National Organization for Women will release a statement expressing their outrage, condemning the sexist remark and demanding an apology from Caputo?

Yeah, I won't stay up too late looking for it, either.