Thursday, February 21, 2008

Round 6: Where's the beef?

I love this question. John King hits Clinton with a big question about whether she was referring to Obama with that gratuitous "all hat and no cattle" remark last week.

Clinton says she was referring to President Bush and that she and Obama have a lot in common, and that they have been civil to each other but there are differences. " we see the world differently." The wheels on this answer are coming off quickly. "Working to make a difference..." (add that to our list of banned phrases) She mentions that one Obama supporter on TV couldn't name a single accomplishment of Obama's.

Obama says actions do speak louder than words, and that that's why he's acted on health care, tax cuts to families, criminal justice reform, ethics reform, transparency in federal spending, Walter Reed (I wondered if that would come up!) ... "I think they would say that I've engaged not just in talk, but in action." "A fundamental difference in how change comes about." Clinton has said lately "let's get real," implying that my supporters are "somehow delusional." He mentions his endorsement by every major newspaper in Texas. He wraps it up by saying that since the policies are similar, inspiration is key. This is a stake through the heart of the answer.

Round 6 to Obama, and in a big way.