Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama speaks in Houston

Obama himself is estimating the crowd at 20,000. And they're ready to party.

Obama notes "a little bit of business" to do "before we get into the main event." He's talking about early voting in Texas, which is going on now.

[Early voting is a brainchild of GOP kingmaker Karl Rove, and Texas is a GOP stronghold, which explains why the Lone Star State has it. The idea is to get your people to vote early so that you can be ahead by the time polls formally open on the day of the election. It's an effective firewall against unknowns that could affect turnout on Election Day, such as the weather.]

Obama's lead is up to 54-45 with 10 percent reporting in Wisconsin. If he gets above the 60 percent mark, it will be difficult for Clinton's camp to spin it at all.

Some young guy in a suit over Obama's right shoulder keeps moving around. He just walked out of the stands behind the candidate with a sign in front of his face, exiting to his left. What's up with that?

Obama notes the need to fight for "every delegate" throughout the nomination process. More on that in this weekend's column.