Thursday, February 21, 2008

Round 7: Obama, you plagarized that speech

Campbell Brown hints that Obama copied the speech from Massachusetts governor.

Obama says it is "silly season in politics" and says he took the line at the governor's suggestion because the governor is a national co-chair of his campaign. He turned the question right back on Campbell Brown and is now talking about issues.

If you are a potential candidate watching this debate, this is how you turn a potential negative into a positive. Obama is a pro at it.

"Sen. Clinton has a fine record; so do I."

Clinton says that if your candidacy is going to be about words, they should be your own words. "Those are changes you can Xerox." Clinton is being booed.

Where are those lookouts in the birds' nest? Did they lose those binoculars again? Because for as much as the Clinton campaign has made about this speech issue, they should have seen this iceberg coming.

Clinton is getting a bit strident here. She's sounding a bit desperate.

Obama refocuses the debate on health care, arguably the most important domestic issue of the campaign. He is measured and reasoned, everything Clinton was not in her critique. But again, he needs to get better about making his point and leaving it alone.

Unless his strategy is to dominate time of possession, in which case, A+.

Round 7 to Obama. He looks like the statesman; she looks like the rookie.