Thursday, February 21, 2008

Round 12: What is the moment when you were tested the most?

Obama says he can't point to a single moment but that he looks at the "trajectory of my life" as a whole. He talks about "personal responsibility" (see why he has crossover appeal?) and how that impacted his life. That "cumulative experience" is why he has the capacity to bring people together.

Clinton says she has lived through her share of crises (a good applause line). How do you do it? (Is she going to cry again?) Her own challenges are nothing compared to what she sees in the lives of everyday Americans. Along with McCain, she was invited to speak at opening of Brook Medical Center in San Antonio. She describes watching them come in, the wounded and the broken, some in wheelchairs, some on gurneys. "The hits I've taken in life are nothing that goes on every single day ... I was called by my faith and by my upbringing to give same blessings to others that I took for granted. that's what gets me up in the morning ... I am absolutely honored to be up here with Barack Obama ... whatever happens, we will be OK; I just hope the American people can say the same."

Hillary gets a standing ovation. Not a bad note to end on ... Not bad to finish with your best answer of the night.

Round 10 clearly to Clinton.

And with that, it's over ... Let the spinning and the Monday morning quarterbacking begin.