Tuesday, February 19, 2008

McCain wins Wisconsin

GOP presidential candidate has won Wisconsin and now feels comfortable enough to refer to himself as the candidate who "will be the nominee of our party." He continues to make nice with that pesky still-opponent, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee; he led those assembled at his victory rally in a round applause for the man he says he has come to admire through the campaign.

But it's clear that the general election is beginning to take shape -- for the GOP, anyway. McCain took a clear swipe at Obama by telling supporters that he will see to it that Americans will not be deceived by an "elegant but empty call for change" that necessitate a "holiday from history" to believe.

Touching on his foreign policy experience, McCain also mentioned the triumphs of opposition groups in Pakistani elections today, word of the resignation of longtime Cuban dictator Fidel Castro this morning and that "self-important bully in Venezuela," Hugo Chavez.

Now, on to what people really care about: Whether Hillary Clinton can put the skids on her two-week slide. CNN reports that Obama leads her in Wisconsin, but doesn't give early numbers; Fox News Channel detailed exit polls earlier that seemed to indicate that a good night could be in the offing for Obama.

We shall soon see.