Wednesday, February 20, 2008

High point for Hillary

So I found the high point for the Clinton campaign. Ironically, it's the ground her opponent has been claiming throughout the campaign.

CNN returned to Clinton's speech in Youngstown, Ohio, and played the tape of it for viewers last night after abandoning it for Obama's Houston speech. The pundits widely panned it, but I thought it was her best effort of late.

The only thing I would suggest for Clinton's campaign is that she stop trying to disparage Obama's "speechifying." You know, the lines like, "We need more than words," "It takes action, not just speeches," things like that. Everyone knows he's a world-class speaker; just accept it, Clintonistas, and move ahead. Talk about your candidate. The longer she tries to compare herself to him in that area, the worse off she's going to be.

I will say, however, that if she doesn't NAIL the debate in Texas tomorrow night, anything she does from here on out will be akin to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. That debate is her last, best chance to go toe-to-toe with him before March 4. She can't just keep pace with him, because she's behind now. So anything short of a knockout will just ensure that she stays behind.