Thursday, February 21, 2008

Round 3: Immigration

Another bomb from Jorge: Would you consider stopping raids on undocumented immigrants?

Hillary says yes, she would consider it, but stops short of saying yes. (There is a general election down the road, after all.) She gives a multi-step answer to what she considers "comprehensive immigration reform."

Obama: Is your position the same?
He takes credit for helping to move the immigration bill ahead. Critical that we "tone down the rhetoric" that has been "ugly, oftentimes directed at Hispanic community, we have seen hate crimes skyrocket."

Obama also touches on the untold story of the immigration issue: The failure of the legal immigration system. No one is talking about that in the national press, and yet it's the reason we have problems with illegal immigration.

I give Round 3 to Obama ... but he didn't make any friends for the general election campaign with this answer.