Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tied in Texas ... and a cool link!

Remember James Carville throwing down the gauntlet on Larry King's show last week?

KING: James, if Hillary loses Texas or Ohio, is it over?

CARVILLE: Yes. (silence) (LAUGHTER)

KING: ...Yes?

CARVILLE: Yes, she has to win Texas and Ohio. I mean, yes.

KING: Well said. Is she smart for looking ahead and past Wisconsin?

CARVILLE: Well, I don't know -- you know, I don't know if anybody looks ahead
or past anything. And I don't think Wisconsin -- it certainly would be
preferable for her to win Wisconsin, but I don't put it in the same category as
I would put Texas and Ohio on March the 4th.

Well, it seems that we're in for a Texas-sized slugfest in the Lone Star State. Latest poll numbers show the race in a deat heat, with Obama leading within the margin of error:


If polls are your thing, check out CNN's campaign polling page, where you can view the latest poll results by state or candidate:


**Incidentally, the opening for King's show that night had a little something for all you reality TV fans out there:

LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, reality TV at its best -- who will get kicked off election island?Is it Barack Obama, today's American idol? Or Hillary Clinton, the self-proclaimed survivor who's fallen behind? Will the GOP deal with John McCain? And could Mike Huckabee be the biggest loser? It's the amazing presidential race.
It's unscripted, it's unrehearsed. And it's next, on LARRY KING LIVE.