Thursday, February 21, 2008

Round 4: A border fence

Is it sovereignty or property rights? Will you finish the fence, or not?

Clinton: We both voted for it as part of immigration debate; "There is a dumb way to protect our borders." She's backing off of her vote; now she wants to see where it would be "appropriate." [Is part of the University of Brownsville in Mexico? Why would part of it be cut off?] John King asks whether she thinks her vote for the fence was wrong: Clinton doesn't answer. She uses the phrase, "smart fencing." And now she seems to be advocating a larger border patrol.

Obama says he and Clinton basically agree. He says they need to consult with local communities. There may be areas where it makes sense to have a real fence, others, not.

(Coincidentally, my six-year-old daughter is singing a song she learned at school about the flag. "When the flag goes by, wave it high, wave it for our country ... stand up strong.")

Round 4 is a draw.